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You’re building a Big Data analytics capability…

…we help you build a business around that.

Redwing specializes in helping mobile operators commercialize their Big Data assets by transforming their data analytics teams into externally-oriented new lines of business.

We help operators to create new revenue streams by identifying key target customers, creating Big Data products and services, developing pricing and revenue models and identifying partnership requirements.

With over twenty years experience of working around the globe with companies such as Verizon, Telefonica and Vodafone, we know the challenges of transforming large telecoms companies. We can help your Big Data team create an exciting and profitable new future.



How mobile operators are tooling up for Big Data


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From internal analytics to external Big Data monetization


Most mobile operators are beginning their Big Data journey by implementing analytics-led programs designed to improve internal business operations and to enhance the customer experience.

However, a significant Big Data monetization opportunity lies in the development of new Big Data product offerings that will deliver meaningful value to external clients.

We have identified some of the key issues facing operators in transforming their Big Data operations from an internal company focus to a market-facing orientation.

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