How are operators exploiting the Big Data opportunity?

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Mobile operators are leveraging their Big Data assets. Initially this has an internal focus, with the aim of better understanding their own customers. Over time, it becaomes clear that these data services also create an external opportunity to sell to third party customers.

Internal Big Data opportunities: towards a 720-degree view

The mobile operators with ‘smart’ capabilities such as dynamic network policy management, high performance computing and in-memory analytics are able to utilize these data assets in order to manage the customer experience in an increasingly intimate manner.

The “who, what, when and how” dimensions of marketing campaign design and management take on new levels of specificity and precision with the so-called ‘720-degree’ view of customers uniquely available to operators:

  • An internal, 360-degree view of their customers i.e. what are their product and service needs? how and when and are they using the services? what stimulates greater engagement levels?
  • An external, 360-degree view of how they utilize the available services in their daily lives i.e. where do they live, work and play? who are they interacting with? how and why are their services preferences shifting?

This adds a powerful dimension to the market segmentation process, as well as informing the customer experience and campaign design programs that flow from it.

By knowing more about their subscriber base, operators can devise precise marketing messages that reach the right target customers, at the right time and most importantly in the right context.

More precise segmentation

The fusion of subscriber, network and social media data now will allow operators to perform their ‘business-as-usual’ processes more efficiently and effectively – defining new market segments, interacting dynamically with both customers and channel partners and proactively addressing their specific demands as individual stakeholders.

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As an example, a number of operators have been successful in refining their customer segmentation models through the analysis of subscriber-generated information sourced from custom built self-care portals.

This data analysis has enabled them to stratify their customer bases into multiple precisely-defined micro segments, each with discrete behavioral attributes and actionable characteristics. These operators have used this information to generate a continuous stream of segment-specific direct marketing promotions in order to stimulate customer adoption and usage.

The external Big Data opportunity

Mobile operators are pursuing new lines of business that have the potential both to monetize the value of their big data assets and to entrench the operators as a pivotal player in their markets.

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We examine these business opportunities in more detail in our Monetizing Big Data page.