Welcome to Redwing Consulting’s Big Data website!

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Welcome to the new Redwing Consulting website!

This website aims to address the commercial, organizational and marketing issues that mobile operators and telcos face as they monetize their Big Data assets.

The telecoms industry is entering a critical phase as the seismic shift from voice and sms towards data services continues apace. This shift will require a dramatic transformation of telecoms organizations in all markets around the world.

A critical part of that transformation will be turning the incredibly rich data assets owned by every telecoms operator into profitable revenue streams.

Building on over twenty years experience of helping telecoms operators to transform their businesses, Redwing brings a powerful market-driven context to the challenge of Big Data monetization, combining end-user analysis with deep insights into the value chains, partnerships and customer-facing processes that will be required to turn Big Data into a major future revenue stream.

We believe telecoms operators are the natural Big Data companies, and have the potential to combine data analytics with innovative business models in order to compete with – and even exceed – companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon in this critical future business opportunity.

You can see our approach to commercializing Big Data assets in the following three areas of the site:

Monetizing Big Data

Productizing Big Data

Organizing for Big Data

And also view our regular analysis and insight pieces on our Insights and Blog page.


The Redwing Team